Work With Us!

We here at are always growing. We need to keep up with everything that comes with it! Here’s what we need help with. If you see something you’d like to help out with, send us a message!

Editors and Blogging

We are seeking one or two editors to create 350 words or more, unique blog posts once or twice a week.

Marketing and Promotion

Do you have a solid social media following and want to help us promote We need someone that can help in this area who has connections within the industry to help us grow and connect with people.

Site Moderators

Approving listings, managing comments and groups is not so difficult at this time. But as we grow, this will change! We will need a few people to help us out.

Deal Scout

We try to find deals ourselves but there are too many companies and websites to keep up with! Anyone can help with this and if you find a good HAM Radio related deal, let us know!

Registration is free and we encourage everyone to create an account and browse or create groups, chat with people and be active within the community!

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